How is Abercrombie and Fitch Still in Business?

They have their market and they stick to it


how is abercrombie and finch still in business what do they even sell every ad someone is naked then they have shirtless guys standing outside of their store how am i supposed to know about their new shirts that they're selling when they won't even show them to me right then when i do go into the store i want to leave immediately it's all dark and they spray stuff to make the store smell like [ __ ] who goes into their store long enough to even buy something my thinking is that their target market um is people that are blind and have a cold right that must be their market the darkness doesn't bother them and they can't smell the [ __ ] that gets sprayed around the store and even better for them it doesn't matter what the clothes actually look like that's probably why everyone in their ads doesn't even have clothes they wanted to save some money and by not having the models wear clothes they don't have to give out free clothes their target audience doesn't care what the clothes looks like which is why they probably don't put any effort into the design of the clothes they make the shirts feel nice but why bother putting a nice graphic on the shirt the customers don't care they probably don't even organize the shirts nicely to prevent bad odors from happening right why bother their customers don't notice the smells