Amazon Delivery Drones

Helping to achieve Amazon's goal of making people fatter


Amazon delivery drones are the dumbest invention. Apparently, the drones can get you something. In an hour after you order it. There's nothing you need from Amazon, that you need in under an hour. If you need something in under an hour. Get off your ass and go to the store. If you really need your Oreos. There's a store, half a mile from you, these drones are going to end up making people fatter, people start to order random food, because they can get it without having to move. Right. They eat more of it, and they end up getting fatter, not fat fatter, because the people using drone delivery. On our food our RV fat, right before the dumbest invention arm. There was a vending machine on wheels, it would go around college campuses and try to get people to buy things. This was stupid because they're charging $5 for a bag of chips. There are vending machines everywhere on a college campus. These vending machines will only charge $1 for a bag of chips. Basically, the vending machines on wheels were charging $4, to save people from going 200 extra steps. Don't these people know that college kids don't have money. They're not going to pay $4 extra for a bag of chips. But, Amazon was like, hold my beer. They'll stop using drones, when they start to lose money. I bet the drones will hit people in the head, and they'll start to sue or people hit the drones and steal the stuff right so they'll start breaking the drones and Amazon has to fix pay to fix them and they'll start stealing other people's things. Right. So they lose money in two ways from the drones. Right, a bid some drones will start dropping stuff on the roof of people's houses. And that way, the person doesn't even get their stuff. And I mean, as long as to do another run with their drone. Right. And then we'll come up with something even stupider right about they'll eventually come up with something like parachuting midgets at people's houses to deliver things instead.