Andrew Cuomo and the 80%

Anyone taking odds?


Andrew Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment by 20 women, which is a lot of women, even if you don't subscribe to believe all women, which I don't, to say, believe all women. Yet, that means you have to leave all men. Then believe all people all the time. So you're saying, people don't lie. So these people that are saying, believe all women. They have never lied on their resume. Right. I'm not saying that all these women are line. Four of them are. One is doing it for money. One is doing it because she thinks she'll get on reality TV. Another is doing it because she'll get a promotion at work. The last one is doing it out of spite. See, there's still 16 women left. That's 80%. If the accusations were a free throw shooter. I put my money on them, any day of the week. But, you know, there's still a chance that the free throw, doesn't go in, right. That's all I'm saying.