Some Athletes are Serial Killers

Watch your back after a night at the ballpark


There are definitely some athletes who are Shio killers. It's not guys like Tom Brady, or Derek Jeter, those guys can't go anywhere without being noticed. They probably wouldn't get caught before actually becoming a serial killer. They might be able to get away with one or two people. But after that, it's gonna be hard to not get noticed like at night, you're going around stalking people trying to find people. They'll definitely get caught. The athletes that are serial killers, or the backups or the middle level players right. These athletes. People don't know them too well. They can easily get around at night, and find people without being noticed. These little players that go from team to team. So they might spend one or two seasons with one team. And then they get traded. So, usually a team travels to 10 or 15 cities a year. But by getting treated that expands this athletes your killers are radius of potential victims, right. and this decreases their chance to get caught. So, like that they have their victim in Vancouver, and then they get traded to Phoenix, right, and then they have their victim there. And so, they might be able to kill one person in Vancouver, and one person in Phoenix, and they look unrelated because they're so far apart. Right. And they don't get caught. Because no one recognizes them. and that's their advantage. Right. So, as soon as people start to notice these players because they get more famous, the better they do. They that increases their chance to get caught. So what I think they do is they might not perform as well as they can be. So, when they do get their chance to play, they might make errors, they might over throw the ball, or they might drop pass. And this is so that they, they're kept on the team, right, there's small errors, but they don't get that playing time, so that way, you know, they don't become stars, and they can't keep killing people. Right. And because they don't get a lot of playing time, they, their careers are able to last 10 or 15 years. And then, once their careers over what they do is they become coaches. And these are coaches that can travel with the team, for free, and they can keep killing people, while they travel, right. I wonder how many serial killers are on each team in a year. There are definitely some athletes. Okay.