Software Auto Updates

Rise up!


Do you ever leave your computer to get water, maybe you leave for like two minutes, and then you come back and your computers and mental and update. What could possibly be so important that my computer needs to be updated in the 10 seconds that I leave it. And, you know, sir, automatically updating itself. In the 10 seconds I leave it. Do you ever leave your computer to get water something made me leave for like two minutes, and then when you come back, your computer's in the middle of an update. What could possibly be so important that as soon as I leave my computer starts automatically updating itself. Right. As long as no one can see my search history. I don't care for updating my computer. Right. The worst part is that it tricks me. It'll be like a 15%, and then it'll jump up to 30%. And then it'll go back down to 25%. Is it 1520 or 30%. Don't mess with me Just tell me the right number. I have a theory about why these updates happen before the updates up and I'm always productive on writing or editing, then because the updates take so long I forget what I was doing. I end up watching TV. When my computer finishes the update. So my theory is that Microsoft does the automatic updates to prevent people from creating things and moving up in the world. As soon as these updates happen, people stop being productive. Right. They have an opening to do the automatic update, when I'm, I get up from my chair and they know this. So Microsoft forces. An update. So that I have to stop working. Here's my evidence. There's no way for me to prevent an automatic update. If they didn't want to be sneaky about the automatic updates, then they would let me stop them. Why do automatic updates. Here's my theory to prevent people from creating products that will make them lose money, right. So, let's say, I'm working on a Microsoft competitor. They, they know this because they see what I'm doing on the computer. So, when I'm working on that product. They do an automatic update as soon as I leave the computer on and I get up. So that way. I stopped working on my Microsoft competitor. And that way. I never finished creating the product. Right. We must rise up against these automatic updates. We have to figure out a way to stop them from happening. And so that way we can be more productive and more productive members of society, and take down Microsoft and their automatic updates, who's with me.