Avoiding Your Boss

Does anyone else to do it?

episode transcript


does anyone avoid their boss or is that just me because one time i was working at this startup and i was one of like 10 employees and she had just fired someone and she gave me a ride one day and i happened to mention that i was working with that same person um in a different department um because we were in two different departments but i was helping him out because we had struck up a friendship and uh during the ride i happened to mention that i was helping him and she was like oh you can help the other people on the team and run a meeting without any extra pay right so um i didn't want this but she wrote me into it so after that i kept avoiding her she was like oh do you want to go to lunch i'll be like no no it's okay i have extra work to do i just want to get it done and so she kept going for it and so one day what happened to be my last day i didn't know this at the time but it was my last day and um she was like okay we're going to lunch and i'm like all right and so during the lunch uh we just didn't talk about work and anytime she brought up work i would just change the subject to something else and so that way i wouldn't volunteer myself for more work so does anyone else avoid their boss or is that just me