Billionaires and Microchips in the Brain

Let them do it first.


there are companies that want to put a microchip in your brain so what this microchip will do is it'll make you work more so as soon as you want to leave work and go home these companies will turn on the microchip and then it'll make you work more and you won't go home but there's some good news about this technology for any technology the first people who get it are rich people and it's pretty expensive and it's uh it comes with a lot of problems too so that's uh good news kind of like um like hair growth solutions where at first you can really tell that uh someone was bald and they paid for the solution and now they're a little bit better where you have trouble um noticing that someone's bald or they were bold right so for microchips this means that um rich people will try it and they might get their brains fried right so this is good and will lead to uh two things happening right the average person though their work quality will go up because um their average work will look better because they're the next best work quality right so the next thing that will happen is if the chip actually kills them we could take their money and use it for more important things instead of using money to go to mars you know you could use that money to improve earth instead and make things better for everyone right instead of just rich [ __ ] so what's going to happen to everyone else when all these rich [ __ ] go away i've thought about this you can do a couple things with uh these chips once they're improved and better and ready for normal people to use them you could use the chip and turn it on in the morning and work four hours instead of eight hours but now you have all this time right you have four extra hours what are you gonna do with those hours you could learn a skill and use that skill to quit your job maybe learn how to paint and then learn how to sell paintings right um uh there's gonna be one problem that shows up when uh these chips go mainstream and that's that these ships are gonna create rich [ __ ] again because people are going to use them to make money right and become billionaires so uh the solution of this problem is to create a new technology to fry those rich [ __ ] brains right so it's just going to be a cycle of rich [ __ ] showing up and then frying their brains so someone has to create this new technology really the lesson here is if you see a billionaire get a chip in their brain wait five to ten years before you get a chip in your brain