California's Sun and Political Correctness

Take away the sun


I think California focuses on political correctness too much. And I think it's because of the sun. Right. The sun makes their lives easier. This gives them more time to think about other bullshit. When they go to work. They don't have to worry about, ice, or the snow. They don't have to worry about warming up their car in the morning. Going outside, like 2030 minutes before they have to go to work, to get that engine started up. Right. Their minds are free to wander, and think, because all they have to do is get outside and start up their car as soon as they want to leave. Right. This is why people in California are always trying to cancel people. Right. They have the time for their minds to wander back like 10 years and think of jokes that have that comedians have made. Right. And the son, probably helps their memories and their minds get going. Right. And then on the weekends. They don't have to spend time shoveling the snow in their driveway. Right, they spend their weekends going on hikes and walks, which helps them think and gets that memory going again. Right. They don't have to walk through two feet of snow, just to get their mail. Right. And they don't have to deal with ice on their stairs. They don't have to spend money on winter clothes right they wear the same clothes throughout the year. Yeah. So I think the solution here is to take away the sun, they don't, they don't use it properly. Right. Without the sun, they'll be forced to deal with snow. They have to spend that extra time and energy, learning how to deal with the snow, because they don't know how to. So, there's going to be a learning curve. Right. Which will replace the time that they spend, thinking about jokes from 10 years. We'll probably end up with, funny videos of people from California, dealing with the snow. Yeah. But here's the thing. Once the snow is taken away or once the sun is taken away from California, it needs to go somewhere else. So where are we going to put it. I think maybe Canada is a good option. I think they would use that sun properly, and create something else, or something good, right, they won't waste it on political correctness.