The Circus is a Team of Traveling Serial Killers

My advice: just avoid the circus entirely


Traveling Circus is definitely a team of serial killers. The key to their killings, is their tent. Have you ever been in one of their tents. They're confusing. I think they're actually designed to be confusing, right. That way, people get lost in them. Then, once they're lost for like five or 10 minutes. The circus freaks. Pick them off, and then, you know, have their way with them. Right. They, they wear all this makeup, so that they can easily move the body around. And if they get caught moving this dead body around. No one knows who they are because they're wearing all that makeup. Right. Yeah. And then there are no cameras in the tent. Right. So, even if they do get caught, and someone calls the cops. The cops have nothing to review. Because one, that that person that called the cops can't get back to the spot that they were in where they saw something they felt they needed to call the cops in, and there's no cameras. So, what can the cops review. Right. And, yeah, Sometimes, people. Shit, people. Yeah, sometimes people. Right. And, yeah, sometimes ups in, and there's no cameras. So, What can the cops review. Right. And. Okay, but what if people don't wander off and get lost. So if people don't wander off and get lost. That's where their act comes in. So, that's why they all, they all they do all that freaky stuff, because they want to freak people out and get them to leave right. So, they freak these people out. And then they try to get them to leave the show, and there are less people around. If they get freaked out and try to leave right so when they're trying to leave alone, Right, they're trying to leave the tab. That's when they grab them, right, because no one's gonna see that because there's less people around me, there might be one or two trying to leave the show at the same time but it's not the same time, right. So, that's when they strike right they get them before they leave the tent. And then they hide them right they have all these little freaky boxes and things to store things in right and so they put that person that they grabbed in one of their boxes until everyone leaves the tent. Right. And then, and then their tent has like a bottom hatch, and what they do with this bottom hatch is they, they go under it, and they start, you know, chopping up the body, and then they dig a hole and they bury the body parts in that hole. And that way, there's nothing in the tent, and no one knows they even left the tap, because underneath that hatch is still technically in the tent, and no one will notice. Right. So, and then they just leave right they bury that hole, or they cover up that hole and then they leave. So, no one knows that they did anything, right, that's how they get away with it. Right, there's zero evidence in the tent, and they stay far too short of a time in one city for anyone to suspect that that those circus clowns.