Crazy Uncles

Where do crazy uncles come from?


Why does everyone have at least one crazy uncle do couples get together while they're pregnant and like talk to their siblings and be like okay, you're gonna be the crazy uncle. Is that part of the birth plan. I try to have zero contact with my crazy uncle, interacting with crazy people just isn't healthy, and it's not worth it. Right. But the problem is technology. He created a group chat with some other family members, and I can't delete it, not fully I'll delete every message that gets sent, but I can't get out of the group message. And after two to three years of this group chat. I have never responded to one message in there. Honestly, he could offer me $1 million to respond. And I would still hesitate to respond. I have my values, but for $1 million. I'll compromise them. And then in the group chat. He's always talking about finance, Right, always the last message he said was, buy physical gold, the dollar will collapse. Trump is coming back. He wants the dollar to collapse, which is really funny to me because he works for the government. If the dollar collapsed. He'd be fucked. And he definitely doesn't realize this, which, you know, it makes me not want the dollar to collapse. Here's why. Because if the dollar does collapse, he's gonna use the group chat to ask me for money. Right. And then also, one funny thing that I've done is I changed his name and my phone to DNA. Do not answer. But if anyone sees that his name is DNA, I'll say, you know he's a family member, DNA like we have the same DNA, you know. Right. And then there's a problem of seeing him in person. Right, so I always try to come up with an excuse to not see him like oh yeah I'm on, I'm like two hours away, you can't come visit me. Right. Um, fuck I run this joke. Right, so I always try to come up with a good excuse to not see him. There's a problem of seeing him in person. I think what I'm gonna do is just get a new phone number, and then not tell any family members that I have a new phone number that way he can't get it, and anyone in the family back east can get it and give it to him. Ah shit.