Serial Killing Customer Support

The callers deserve it.


You know what the worst job is customer service people call, and they just fucking yell at you like, you make the rules, you make the product, or you own the company, but you don't. But you still have to sit there and take that guy shit. Right. Um, but here's the thing about the customer service guy that's getting yelled at, and the customer. They're perfect strangers. Right. He knows the customer service guy knows the customer's name, his phone number, and where he lives. You can get pretty far with those three pieces of information. Right. and the customer knows nothing about the person that he's yelling at, right, that customer service guy could easily kill that customer. Right. Any person that just, you know, yells at him a little bit too much. And there's probably a guy who takes it a little bit too far he's like, you're an idiot. You don't know what you're doing, you suck at your job, and you should be fired. That's the guy that the customer service guy tries to kill or kills, right. Um, it's not like anyone would know, because again, they have no connection. Right, no cop is going to be like, Yeah, I see on this guy's phone that uh, he spoke with Bank of America for 20 minutes, maybe we should have a little chat with a customer service guy that he was talking to. Right. No, that that's not a thing. And then again, because the customer service guy and the customer have nothing in common that customer service guy can easily just pull up to. That guy's house, knock on the door. The guy won't recognize him, he might even let him in. And then the customer service guy can just kill him. And then the neighbors won't notice anything because that car, that the guy pulled up and it's just a car, you know, maybe it was just some guy. And then the neighbors. They won't be able to say anything, they'll probably be like, yeah, that doesn't really surprise me. It's kind of an asshole. Right, they're not gonna be like, yeah, he was really quiet. It's so surprising that someone killed him. Now, everyone knows that this customer that called and yelled at the customer service guy is an asshole, and no one is going to feel bad for the customer, that was killed.