Ordering Doctor's Visits Through an App

Don't send mixed signals


We can get almost anything with an app. One thing we can get is. visits. But I think that will happen soon we'll be able to get on an app, and have a doctor come to our house. Men will have to get a prostate exam in their house. They'll have to be careful though in this situation. You don't want to send the wrong message, like having a prostate exam at the wrong time might send a weird signal to the doctor. Don't want to have one right before making dinner, imagine this scenario, the steaks are cooking it smells nice. There's a bottle of wine out because like cooking for your wife. On the table is set to your doctor might think you're making a move on him. Especially because you have to take your pants off. What you want to do is you want to have the exam early in the morning. Everyone will still be waking up. And there's nothing that will look weird, cuz they're to focus on waking up and just try and do things, so they can get out of there. Right. Nothing weird will happen. Now, you'll have to watch for frauds though, in this scenario. So, here's the solution to looking out for frauds. If the guy has a whole camera setup, then he's a fraud. So just like imagine if he's setting up the camera and he's like, hey, already. We're good, especially in the scenario. When the doctor has never ever set up a camera for any visit, that's when you know it's a little weird, right. If he has a bunch of candles and oil, and he's like, lighting the candles, trying to set a mood. And he's like, taking out, oil, and he's rubbing it. And he's trying to like, rub it on you right. You know, that's when you know he is a fraud. Right. If he brings a sedative and just like Here, take this. It'll relax you. Then the dude's probably a fraud too. Right. If he brings in another doctor for a console. And He never says anything about bringing another doctor for a console. You know, there's a little fishy business going on. Right. There's a lot of weird people out in the world, and you have to watch out for them, because you never know. Someone might have a putting their finger in someone else's asked fetish. So, You got to watch out for those people.