The News and the California Drought

Pee on news stations, You're helping!!


The worst part about living in California is the fake liberals. The next Worst part is living the worst part about living in California is the fake liberals. The next worst part about living in California is the drill. The news does not stop talking about the fucking drought. They'll say, people are doing good about not using as much water, but it's still bad and it's every fucking day. But what they don't bring up is the fact that people don't use the majority of the water. The majority of the water usage goes to farms, drive past all the farms, and they'll use more water in one minute, then I'll use all year. How am I supposed to do anything about that? Right? And it's fine that they use the water because food economy and all that bullshit. But the news does not need to shame me for taking an extra like a minute extra in the shower. It needs to stop and I have a two step plan to get the news to stop reporting on the fuckin drought. The first step is find out how the news is wasteful, then shame them on it. It doesn't have to be about water waste. It can be about their energy uses usage about how they use their equipment and that equipment is non renewable, about how they use so much gas going to places and reporting on scene. Things like that. The second step is to start paying on any property that the new stations own. Their buildings, their cars, their equipment. This will save water because toilets aren't getting flushed. So it's environmentally friendly. That's one great thing about this plant. Then, the news will stop reporting on the drought to prevent people from panic pain on their stuff. If you see a newsman pee on it, if you see a news building and you're walking by pee on it, you're saving water and you're stopping the news from being a menace. to society.