Elizabeth Holmes Texts

The lesson is don't work with your significant other


have you guys been following the theranos trial for those that don't know um the trial is a woman who created a medical company and the technology didn't work um her name is elizabeth holmes her boyfriend worked at the company so their text messages um got leaked for the trial right and she would send him stuff like you're my son you're my wind you're my earth and then her boyfriend would reply okay right okay um he would send these text messages or those kind of replies for two reasons one he's 19 years older than her and she was probably like 22 when she was sending those messages to him right and then he's from pakistan right he doesn't know how to show affection because his parents never showed him affection when he was younger so he doesn't know how to respond to things like that right um this lady she's trying to avoid 20 years in jail she's going to drag this emotionless boomer um to do it right she's going to point the finger at him her lawyers will say um that she would have done anything for him that she was naive and in love with him and that he clearly doesn't care about her or he never did um because look at his replies when she was showing him affection he didn't really respond if someone cared about someone else then they would have responded given them more of a response even right right he's gonna he was using her to commit fraud that's why he never responded uh with more affection to the text messages that's that's what our lawyers are going to say um and it's all because you know he didn't show some affection through text and honestly i'm okay with that right um can you imagine what their relationship was like do you like your dinner honey okay wow um how'd you like that [ __ ] honey uh yeah why was she even with him um they started dating when she was like 20 years old he's not good looking he clearly doesn't have a personality um any she could have been with anyone else right all she had to do was walk into a bar and find someone that would have been a better match for her unless there's something wrong with her you know besides defrauding millions of people