The Family Back East

Always go against the family


Is there anyone else that doesn't like hanging out with their family. The reason I don't like hanging out my family is because there's always some issue with me. It's not a real issue, but I do something that they don't like. One time, it was the fact that I called my dad, by his first name, when he was in a room full of other dads. What am I supposed to call and that's unique to him when he's in a room full of dads. Right. The last issue was that I was having a late night conversation with my aunt. I went to the bathroom. And then after I went to the bathroom I called my mother, my aunt thought, I called my mother to talk shit about her. Keep in mind, I'm in my aunt's house, and every, every night at my aunt's house, I called my mother. I didn't know it was possible to be conceited and insecure at the same time, but my aunt proved that. So here's my issue with all of this, here's my issue with their issues with me. It's, it's not that they have an issue with me, right, that's fine. It's that they bring up these issues with me, um, after I've left, and how I hear about these issues is from my dad. My dad will tell me the issues that they had with me. Two days after I've left instead of, you know, realizing that we're all adults, and just bringing up these issues with me, right, because I'm fine with that. You can have an issue with me, and bring it up, and I'll be okay. I'm an adult, right. So, I think I'm going to stay away. If there's always an issue with me. Then why bother so I'll stay away, and then there will be no issue. Right. Maybe the issue will be that I'm not there, that's an issue that I don't have to deal with. Or maybe I should go. And next time, I'll take my mouth. Shot put a tie myself up and rope, and then attach a pee bottle to myself. Right. Call me Hannibal Lecter. Right. Um, that way, I can't say anything wrong, Or go to the bathroom at the wrong time. I will just sit in one spot 24 Seven. Right. Knowing them though. They will find something to complain about. Maybe my breathing will be offensive, I'll breathe too loud, and they'll have a problem with that.