Food and The Family Back East

Always bring your own food


does anyone's family try to fatten them up or is it just my family in my family they start with comments i'll eat a full breakfast i'll eat two eggs with toast and maybe i'll put some tomatoes in the eggs they'll say things like i eat your breakfast as a snack and they say it like it's a good thing and i want to say the size of your snacks is why you're fat but even in my 20s the amount of trouble i'd be in if i said that to any one of my family members is not worth it another type of comment is that they comment every time i finish my food they'll say oh look look who was hungry he finished his food it's like i always finish my food and every time i hear that i want to say the reason why i'm not fat is because i only eat food when i'm hungry then when i go over to their place they try to over serve me and in this case i'll try to give the extra food to someone else especially because the food is always fattening i have an ant that will put butter on everything even fruit a way to avoid this is to avoid their food you can eat before or bring your own food and you can control the ingredients one time i offered to bring food for everyone and they wouldn't eat it they ate some of it and then they moved it around and they were like they moved it around to make it look like they were eating the food and they were like oh yeah it's good while they were pushing the food around right um and one time one time i was staying at my aunt's house and uh she offered to make me a sandwich for the flight home she asked me what i want in the sandwich i said cheese is fine because this sandwich was just basically my breakfast right and for breakfast i eat toast just toast sometimes that's it so a sandwich is a lot for me and then she was like oh just cheese you need protein in there right and i wanted to say you're the last person that should be telling me what to put in my sandwich and so that sandwich ended up being huge because she didn't listen to me and so i couldn't finish it so i threw it away right because what happens when you're trying to fatten up an animal and they know that they're trying to be they're getting fattened what happens is they don't eat the food so i didn't eat her shitty sandwich