Smart Devices and Getting Hacked

Stop with smart devices in the kitchen.

episode transcript


there are too many devices that are connected to the internet now eventually you'll be watching a movie and it'll be at night completely silent no one's around and then you'll hear a crunch you know what that crunch is gonna be from it's gonna be from some hacker watching the movie through your toaster with a camera and you know what then that person is gonna complain about getting hacked it's like no [ __ ] dude you have so many devices that use your internet that makes your internet connection vulnerable and easy for someone to steal your information i don't want to hear it because i'm telling you right now don't do it and then that toaster is probably smarter than some of the people that own that toaster right nothing in your kitchen needs to be smart just turn on your toaster with your hands you don't need to do it from your phone every smart device that you have it fuels the robot uprising so if you don't want robots to take over don't own a smart device