Group Messages are the Worst

Don't create them.


you know what the worst uh texting feature is group messages have you ever been a part of group message the worst group messages are group messages with like 10 people they're all using different devices they're not all of them but like there's iphone uh ipads androids microsoft phones and they're all in different time zones and they don't respect it um the people on the west coast they get the messages from people on the east coast at like six in the morning maybe even five and it's never anything important it's like stuff like oh i'm heading to work now right i always feel like texting back aunt karen uh like you don't care that i'm sleeping i don't care where you are right and then you can't leave the group message for some reason and it's because apple hates you um it's 10 different people um and every time you delete it it'll pop right back up when a new message pops up right you can put it on silent um to not get the notifications but when that happens um you won't get the notifications but every time you open your phone you see that there's a message if it's one or two you think did my phone not ring is there something wrong with it and if it's 20 minutes you'll think did i win the lottery or why why are people messaging me all this good news right the worst group messages are with family right because at least with my family i feel like there's a competition to outdo um other people on someone's birthday your grandma will be like happy birthday put some emojis then your first aunt will like do happy birthday with the emojis and a gif and then there's that next ant who will like get a drone to come to your window and drop um like like a little banner that says happy birthday right and they do this for everyone's birthday your aunt didn't rent that drone she owns it right um so this happens like eight or nine times a year um yeah there's all these group messages um about like people reacting to those messages right it's like oh grandma likes this um there's the um there's there's just all these emotions it doesn't matter which one they are um and i always wonder i'm like what do these people do for a living that they can spend so much time texting right like aunt karen what the fuck do you do and how can i do that because apparently your job doesn't care that you don't do any work