Instagram is Making People Dumber

Instagram has been lowering the IQ of the human population.

episode transcript


you guys know that instagram is making people dumber right like with those gender reveal parties um uh that use explosives so like um that they reveal the gender of the baby using explosives and like the explosion is the color uh blue or pink and that identifies the gender of the baby yeah that's stupid um gender reveal parties they started with like cutting the cake and the color of the frosting is um the gender of the baby there's no reason to use explosives unless you see someone else do it like a small explosion and then you want to do a bigger one just to show off yeah so that's stupid and then there there's a service that people can use and pay for that you pay them to photoshop you in famous places like hawaii or in washington dc or at the space needle in seattle and there's no other reason to do that unless it's a joke maybe or you're showing off to people that you've been to places and instagram is the only place where you would show off oh i've been i've been to hawaii yeah i've been to a rodeo in texas yeah stupid and the third reason why instagram is making people dumber is because they think people want to see their food and no i don't want to see pictures of your meals especially when i can't if i see your food and i can't go get it then i don't really care so stop putting pictures of your food on instagram bye