Instagram Makes People Dumber

Slowly destroying the world

episode transcript


instagram is making people dumber people are now doing things just for their instagram and to get uh pictures and videos to impress the people that follow them um like with gender reveal parties they use explosives to reveal a gender or um people are now paying to be photoshopped in in pictures with the landmark or food pictures just in general uh let me start with gender reveal parties gender reveal parties started with a cake right and then people started using firecrackers and then because they saw people use firecrackers they wanted to be more elaborate to get likes on instagram right and because these people are stupid they now go to the woods with these explosives and that's starting fires right people are wasting their money to impress other people there's no other reason to use explosives at a gender reveal party um so who are these people they're the ones that complain about um that they don't have any money right well megan maybe if you didn't spend money pretending to go to maui you'd have money for dinner right that leads me into food pictures um the food picture is nothing worthy of taking a picture of if you can get the meal at a restaurant because i can get that same meal and if you cooked that meal and i can't have it then i don't really care so either way you can't win with a food picture right um so what's the solution to this instagram issue my solution is to create bots and i call them knowledge bots um they're bots that comment different things on certain pictures like for photoshop landmarks you can use you can say like oh dude instead of spending 200 on this [ __ ] picture you could have bought like a 50 pound bag of rice maybe three or four and then you would have food to eat for a gender reveal party or a gender reveal video whatever you can say for the amount you spent on explosives you could have bought six boxes of diapers don't complain when you don't have money for diapers and then for food pictures just say no one cares my hope is that people start to feel like [ __ ] then they might actually start do things that have value right they'll learn skills they'll contribute positively to society right um all because they feel like [ __ ] in reality if an instagram comment can make you feel like [ __ ] then change your life