Jussie Smollett is a Dumbass

It'll be interesting to see how he deals with prison


Jesse Smollett is a dumbest. He's too stupid for this world. And that's why he'll be in prison. The world needs to be protected from his stupidity. This all started because he wanted to raise. He thought he could get more money. If more people knew about him, and he raised his profile, he decided to raise his profile by getting hate crimes. He thought she thought getting hate crimes he thought then he went and cried about it on national television, but this only showed that he didn't deserve more money, because everyone saw that he was a bad actor. If he was a good actor, then he would have gotten away with it. After he cried about it on national television, what he was saying was that it was to Magga hat wearing white guys. His show Empire was made for black people. That's like asking him was made for black people. How would to Magga hat wearing white guys know him? And the fact that he was gay? That's like asking him to name a country song. If you don't listen to country music, then how could you name one of a country song? After we find out that he paid two black guys to be these two Magga hat wearing white guys and he paid them with a check. Because, you know, in all those movies, the criminals use checks. They always say, Hey, can you wait two days before you cash the check? And you know, all those gunfights happen because someone left a zero off of the check. And after all of this, we find out that he took a selfie in the hospital, because you know, when you're injured that's what you want to do. I got my eye poked in high school. And my injuries and my face was worse than just the small it looked and that selfie. I didn't have the presence of mine to take a selfie because I was worried about my eye. So you know after you get hate crimes you really shouldn't be taken a selfie and I don't think if you actually got hate crammed, you would have the presence of vine to take a selfie, you know? Um, yeah, so Jussie Smollett isn't going to jail for lying to the police. He's going to jail. Because first, he sucked at his job. And the world needs protection from his stupidity.