Kim Kardashian is a Serial Killer

Save the children


Most likely, Kim Kardashian as a serial killer, she probably killed his wife. Knowing that it would it would make her family famous. But that doesn't make her a serial killer. That's not why I think she's a serial killer. What makes her a serial killer is for the fact that she kills children. Why does she kills children? There are three reasons why she kills children. The first reason she kills children kills is because she wants young blood. This blood is for herself to keep herself biologically younger. The younger the blood, the better. She takes this blood from the baby. And she puts it into herself to make her blood younger. And keep that blood that young blood pumping in her body, right? The second reason she wants to kill babies, or that she does kill babies, is for their fat and skin. The fatter harasses the better for her. So she takes the baby fat, and she injects it into herself. And that way she stays famous because the fatter her acid is, the longer she stays famous, right? The final reason she kills kids is that they don't fight back. Right? She wants the youngest blood possible. And that's from babies. Babies can't fight back. She grabs them. And then she runs to work hard with a getter, getaway driver all ready to go. Right? These babies don't know any better. Right? They don't know that. Then being kidnapped is wrong. They also don't have anyone to call. Right? So when she gets snap, when she kidnaps a baby. It's not like they're calling their parents being like, Hey, Kim Kardashian kidnapped me, and she's taking my blood and my skin, right? They're the perfect victims. She can't, she can't be stopped. Because, you know, these babies can't do anything. Right. So we need to figure out a way to stop her from kidnapping babies. Right? If we stop her from kidnapping babies, then maybe she'll stop being famous because she needs the blood and the skin of babies to stay famous. Maybe we should add like a Kim Kardashian, baby tracker that goes off every time Kim Kardashian is by baby that way. You know it goes off and there's a lot of sound and she can't kidnap that baby. That's one idea.