Going on a Date with a Megan

Notice the signs


I went on date one time, and she turned out to be a Megan. So what is a Megan Megan is a young woman who is attractive, but not really interesting. She's really into her phone and partying, not much else. There's nothing really unique about a Megan, you can pick up a Megan anywhere. And you'll know that she's a Megan. I should have known that this was going to be a bad date, the previous day. Because I tell her to pick a place, and she picks tennis law places. She might as well have picked McDonald's, but okay. So, we meet up at Denny's and immediately she shows signs of being a Megan, she talks about things on the internet and not really about herself. Right. She doesn't talk about her interests or hobbies. She just talks about things that she's seen on the internet, which you know that's not very unique. Right, but okay. The next sign was the fact that she only really talked about partying. Anyone can go to a party, it's not very unique or interesting. Oh, yeah. She wasn't. She was really into her phone. She wasn't really paying attention to anything else. The food or me. I felt like texting her instead of talking, just to see how she would react DB going better if I did that. Instead of talking to her. The worst part was she wouldn't laugh. Instead of laughing, she would say hilarious. In a monotone voice. I never knew if she was actually interested in my joke or thought it was funny. Or she was just being nice. Dude, I can't deal with having no laughter I tell a lot of jokes, and I need the feedback. All this made me want to go to the bathroom. Without telling her, and climb out the window and see. Just watch her from a distance, and see if she would notice that I was gone, or how long it took her to notice I was gone. Would it be five minutes, would it be 10 minutes would it be 20 minutes. That'd be a really interesting experiment that I could have done. But I didn't leave. I stayed there. And then the waitress brought the check, without asking. And I thought this was her saying hey. Today's done like she's not interested, you're not interested, just ended. And so we did. And of course, I never saw her again.