Companies Putting Microchips in Brains

Don't do it. Here's why.

episode transcript


have you heard about these companies that want to put a microchip in your brain to uh make you smarter and more efficient in your work or whatever yeah this reminds me of uh those early hair uh growth solutions and how they didn't look good so i imagine what's going to happen is that those people that get the first microchip they're gonna get their brains fried which uh could actually be a good thing because it's gonna be rich people that get the chip in their brain so it will give average people a chance to rise to the top and it will distribute the their income because a lot of them donate money to charity after they die and so if the chip kills them their money will be distributed right so that's one good thing but also um are you really willing to trust a company to take care of your brain and be responsible with your brain that's something you gotta think about