Kim Kardashian is a Serial Killer

Save the children


There's probably a Netflix employee who is a serial killer. Some people are very dedicated to the job. Right. And Netflix, makes a lot of content around serial killers. But there are only so many serial killers out there for them to make a documentary about a movie about, or a series about. Right. and this employee knows that. So, by becoming a serial killer. They, they're making sure that Netflix doesn't run out of content, or have an issue with creating content around serial killers. So he's just getting prepared for that moment. And then when he needs to. He, he, he comes out a hero for Netflix, right. Um, he's creating content for them. He documents, every step of the way, right. Every call every encounter every movement, he does. And his off hours. Mind you, in his off hours, it won't just be an hour documentary, it'll be a 12 hour 12 episode series, right. He's waiting for the right moment to get caught. Right now he's just racking up content for them, and then he's gonna hit them with that, that hammer drop by getting caught. Right. And here's what he's going to get caught. As soon as he hears that people are pitching content that uh, that doesn't like fit. Netflix and they're like running out of stuff to pitch. He'll start getting caught, they'll start the process. He'll send his confession to the cops and Netflix at the same time, right, when he's been arrested, he'll have someone recorded for Netflix. Right. And every interrogation, with the cops. He, he starts the interrogation with. Is this being recorded, so that he knows that Netflix can have the interrogation tape for the documentary. Right. For extra content. When everything's over when the trial is over. and he's in prison. There'll be extra content of him leading the cops to the bodies just so like, there's the doc Docu series, I guess, and then there's like, after everything else like a second Docu series. I've just him like we're getting bodies are leading the cops to bodies, right. And then for all his dedication, Netflix will give him a promotion. But after he is released from prison, can't work for them while he's in prison. Right. And I'm still wondering like what would this actually help or hurt Netflix, If their employee is a serial killer.