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Netflix and documentaries

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So i've been watching a lot of netflix documentaries uh about serial killers and it kind of made me realize something um it would be really difficult for millennials to become serial killers because you have to post everything on social media and it would be easy for the cops to find out what you did so the very first thing a millennial would have to do is announce their desire to become a serial killer on facebook and then you have to create a pinterest board of interesting ways to kill people then you have to announce your first victim on instagram um then you stalk them and you stream your stocking on twitch you follow them around for the day and you're streaming the entire time then you go to reddit um you use reddit to come up with ideas about when to do it and where to do it um the next thing you have to do is you have to tweet about it as soon as you finish uh killing someone um then you take a snapchat selfie um with your victim and then you put it as a story so that everyone can see that you do it then you create um an instagram story of you moving the body and um digging putting it somewhere where no one will find it then you have to facetime all your friends and get their opinion about uh everything that you've done um you have to um show them like oh i dug this i took this body and i put it here what do you guys think about that then before you bury it you have to do a tick tock dance with um your victim um yeah and then you do a youtube tutorial about uh getting rid of the body because you know that's what you have to show everyone how you did it okay then you have to write a tumblr post about um why you did it what were your reasons and put links to everything else that you've posted about um your your kill and then you put it as uh on your linkedin profile as an accomplishment so that way uh future employers know that you have experience in uh serial killing but then they're gonna say oh you don't have enough experience um then once you get caught you have to do a bunch of interviews and these interviews are for your future netflix documentary in 10 to 20 years see all this you might be only able to get away with one or two times doing all this uh they probably won't even call you a serial killer at the end all right thank you