I Hate Phone Notifications

My phone notifications are annoying.


One thing I hate about my phone is notifications every app, wants to send me notifications, only about 1% of the apps that I have, I want a notification from. I don't know why every app wants to send me notifications. Do they think it'll make me use the app more, because most likely it will lead me to deleting their app. Right. The worst notifications are the ones that make noise. The sound is always one that I've never heard my phone ever make. So I'm like, researching and searching, what made this noise. Why have I never heard this noise before. I'm training myself not to look at my phone. When I don't know the noise that it just made. Because I know it's an app that I never use. But the problem is that some apps will keep ringing. Right, so I'll get the notification. I'll ignore it. But to. A minute later, it'll, it'll ring again. Right. The, the most distracting notifications, though, are the ones that leave the number at the. When you see the icon, right, that number, never goes away. I'll handle the notification and I'll get rid of it. When it's just on my phone screen, but not not actually deal with it. So it'll make no noise, but an hour later, I see the number, and think, I miss a notification. But it's just the old notification from before. Right. And then if I don't deal with that notification, it's always there, staring at me. Right. mocking me. Right. And that, that gives me, anxiety, so I have to deal with it. And there are two solutions for any of these identifications one. I can turn off all notifications and never have a notification that I have to deal with. That way, I can just use my phone and not be annoyed by any notification that I receive. Or, I can just delete every app on my phone. The problem with this one, is it makes my phone, pretty much useless. But I'll have less distractions. And then I could write that novel that I've been working on.