The Pizza Delivery Guy That's a Serial Killer

Don't piss this guy off


It wouldn't surprise me to turn on the news in here that a pizza delivery guy is a serial killer. Pretty much anyone that has access to someone else's house. Really. So here's how I imagine that a pizza delivery guy would kill people. The interactions with the pizza guy are short. That gives them deniability. The pizza delivery guy could poison the pizza before. And if the poisonous tasteless, that gives some hours of deniability. Alright. Would anyone even suspect that the pizza was the thing that killed that person. Um, I doubt it. Right. So how would a pizza delivery guy, choose his victims. So the way I imagine it is that maybe the pizza delivery guy, he delivers pizzas to the same 10 or 20 houses. Right. And maybe some of these people, they're assholes to this pizza delivery guy. So he poisons the pizzas, right before he delivers it to the house. And, you know, that gives us the poison the chance to spread a little bit in the pizza, and you know it's not too obvious that there's poisonous pizza because it's been sitting there for a while, right, or the pizza delivery guy chooses victims by the people who extend the interaction between them. So, usually a pizza delivery guy doesn't even go into the house, but in some cases, they might be invited into the house, and that's their window of opportunity. So, on the pizza guy might be in the house for maybe four to five minutes at the most. And so no one would really think it's weird if maybe the pizza delivery guy spends 10 minutes in the house and those extra five minutes, that's when the pizza delivery guy strikes. Right. And as long as the pizza delivery guy comes out, normal, like there's no traces of having just killed someone, no one would notice those five extra minutes that the pizza delivery guy was in the house. Right. So yeah, I guess what I'm trying to say here is how to avoid being killed by a pizza delivery guy, there's four things you can do you can be nice to the pizza delivery guy. You can not invite him in the house. You can have the money ready to go, so that way you're keeping the interaction short or, you know, just pick up the pizza yourself.