Apple Can Prevent Bad Parents

Doing the world a favor.

episode transcript


why does apple focus so much on the camera hardly anyone needs a really good camera and the people that need a good camera they bought a camera that isn't attached to their phone so you know what's going to end up happening with these cameras that apple keeps improving people are going to use them to take pictures of their ugly kids apple should focus on something that everyone can use like a battery that lasts one week see that's a product for everyone no one's going to complain about uh only having to charge your phone once a week that's awesome but i really want to stop seeing pictures of people's ugly kids and i have a solution for this apple when someone buys their phone online or just in general they should ask them if they have kids or not and if someone says yes then they send them a custom phone that has a bad camera and this camera is like 1980s quality photos that's what it makes see this benefits everyone not only do i not have to see pictures of people's ugly kids but they might stop taking pictures of their kids all together which is fantastic apple benefits because they can save money with a 1980s quality camera on a phone i bet you it's cheaper to produce right so they're uh they're saving money on the production side but they they can still charge like a thousand dollars for their phones right so um at the same time they should have an option for um people that they can give their family members a um low quality camera or yeah a low quality camera phone right um that way they can choose the people that they don't want to see pictures of the kids right and then hospitals can give free phones out to couples as they're leaving the hospital just stop it all together right i think that would be great um this might even get people to stop having kids right because they'll stop being jealous of people who take picture pictures of their kids and then want kids um so they won't have kids for that reason and i have this theory that some people they only have kids to just post pictures of them on social media like oh my god look at megan and her halloween outfit or oh my god my kid's reading level is like fourth grade and he's only in second grade even though his comprehension level is like first grade so you know he's very smart so this idea not only helps me helps apple but it prevents bad parents which helps society