Relationship Database

Make money the Facebook way, from personal information.

episode transcript


you know what's weird about dating is that like when you're dating someone you're collecting all this information about them and then when you break up that information becomes useless like you have no use for the fact that megan's favorite color is pink like great what am i gonna do that when i start dating emily and emily's favorite color is blue you know i can't do anything with megan's formation because now i'm with emily so i had an idea about what you can do with that information you could store everything on a excel sheet for when like all megan's information on an excel sheet what her favorite color is what her favorite food is all of her interests and then when you guys break up you can then sell that information to chad and be like hey chad i have an excel spreadsheet about all of megan's interests and so that way you you have something to do with all that information and you might be able to make some money uh from your previous relationship so yeah i think that would be something great call it a relationship database