Couple in a Restaurant

What's the deal with that?


have you ever seen a couple break up at our restaurant restaurants are the worst place to break up because you're stuck there i saw this one couple break up at a restaurant um they came in together all normal i probably wouldn't have noticed them except for two things i was with the family back yeast you know um so one she was super hot right smoking and two because i was with the family back east i wasn't eating because this was a shitty restaurant right um i kept looking around and checking in on them after about 10 minutes she started to cry right and this dude still orders and eats his food she's crying the entire time and he's just sitting there eating his burger like a [ __ ] psychopath right it's super weird um who can just sit there and eat with someone crying right next to them the entire time i'm thinking this is gonna be one awkward ride home um how can you just sit there eating well she's crying her eyes out eventually she finally gets up and exits right um in this psychopath he doesn't chase after her right i'm thinking he's making her sit in the car and wait while he finishes his burger so then he pays and leaves right or no he leaves the left right so they didn't come together they got there separately so she completely left personally i'd like to think that those were tears of joy um she was way too hot for him way too hot and by breaking up with her she was set free right now she can date within her league hopefully this was a breakup too because if not that psychopath just sat there emotionless while his girlfriend needed some support so if that was any representation of their entire relationship she needed to get out of it and she clearly needed a little push