The Ring Employee That's a Serial Killer

Be careful when that guy comes knocking on your door


Ring, looks like a company that has dedicated employees to me, to the point where I bet some of them are serial killers. The company's biggest problem is safety. All right. If people feel safe, then they won't buy their shit. And if they don't buy their shit, they lose money, and their employees, they know this. And there's probably an employee that will kill people, to promote their shit, right, he kills someone in a certain neighborhood. And then He even calls it in himself to the local paper, and they write a report saying, hey, crime is up. And then those people that read the paper, they, they get scared. So then what this ring, serial killer does since he's an employee. He, um, He sends someone to that same neighborhood to go door to door, and sell them a ring, right, that that door to door salesman he knocks on the door, and he goes, hey, hey guy. Um, I heard about the serial killer in the neighborhood. If you buy this ring. It can protect you from being a victim of a serial killer right because we'll see him come in, and then we'll tell you. And then, this this guy that's going door to door, he can probably go minimum 10 miles away from that neighborhood, and talk about the serial killer, and people will be scared. Right. And the killer. He only needs to do this like three or four times a year. And one area, and he can expand 40 miles from that one killing so he can go downtown, and then he can go up north, and then he could do it, East. He can just do it every direction. Once a year, right. And then that way he can expand his market. So, you know, he's doing it quarterly, right. So, for the first quarter, he does it in the north. And then when he needs to grow his, his numbers for the second quarter. That's when he does it in the south, right. Um, but, you know, honestly, the ring can protect you from that. Right, it can't protect you from a serial killer, what it can do is just prevent packages from getting stolen and even then, it doesn't prevent that from happening. What the ring does is it lets you watch someone steal your package. Right. It lets you watch while someone breaks your door down. Right. I'm right, so. Hold on. What's up, shall we still, there is no must, shall we sell visit near without the watch someone steal your package. Right. It lets you watch while someone breaks your door now. Right. Right. It lets you watch while someone breaks your door down, right to your package. Right. It lets you. But uh, someone at a ring should definitely call me when it can protect me from a serial killer. happier. Oh, Wait.