Serial Killer Sailors

The open water leads to opportunities


No one has any idea what's going on in the ocean. Right, and sailors sailors definitely take advantage of this, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that sailors push people overboard. Right, it's too easy to fall into the water. If they didn't want people to fall under the water, they would add more protection, right on the boats so they'd maybe add nets, or they make their railing, a little higher, but they don't. Right. Then, Drinking is a thing on a boat like you go on a boat and you have a drink. If, If they didn't want people to be falling in the water, drinking on a boat. Wouldn't be a thing, right, but it's a good excuse for sailors right. You know, they had too much to drink and they tripped and fell right, They can just tell that to anyone. Right. And the sailors know that no one will ever find any body that falls into the ocean. Right, and sailors. They don't even need to push. They could just make the ride really bumpy. And then they blame the tide. Can anyone like be like, Oh no, the tide was fine right. No, they can't, the sailors no and there's no one there to refute it. Right. So, who are sailors, pushing overboard you ask, well, the first people are their wives, right. Every time a sailor wants to get a divorce. On he invites his wife on the boat. Right. And then just pushes her in the water, done with it, no divorce, no issues. She's just gone. Right. And then there's a reason casino boats are a thing. Right. Casinos are known for gambling and drinking. Those are the two things that are known for. As soon as someone doesn't pay a casino, the money that they're owed, they just push them overboard, like nothing. There's no evidence in this case, like, yeah, they were drinking a lot, and they tripped. That's it. Right. What are the cops gonna do, right. They can't like, oh, test out, oh he fell here, let me run or pretend to trip, and then see if I fell over. Right. That's not a thing. Right. And that's why, sailors and casinos, they just push people over because there's no one to say like, yeah, he had too much to drink his blood alcohol level was this, his coordination was really bad. No, there's no way to test anything. Right. That's, That's why sailors and casinos, use this, Use boats