Elon Musk is a Serial Killer

Don't go to Mars


Wouldn't surprise me to find out that Elon Musk is a serial killer. This is probably why he wants everyone to get to Mars. He's gonna get them to Mars, and either kill them on the way there, or kill them when they get to Mars. It's probably going to use a huge space laser that he secretly been building himself, and just vaporize everyone before they get to Mars. Right. And then whenever one finds out that the people on Mars have died. He's gonna be like, Yeah, you know, I'm getting to Mars is very risky. So, it's a, it's a hard to survive on that trip for some people. Right. And then, when everyone finds out he's gonna be like, you can't arrest me for that. The crime happened on a different planet. But, People won't find out right away. At first, he's gonna start out with his, you know, it's hard to get to Mars and make it there. Then he's gonna be like, yeah, it's difficult to survive some people can't do it. And then when he's bringing everyone back. He's gonna be like, That was a tough trip, You know, is a challenge, not everyone survived, and that's a totally normal thing. Right. See, my worry isn't even about him being a serial killer. My worry is that a lot of nerds, admire him, And they are willing to do whatever he does, right, so I'm worried about those nerds, all his followers. What are they going to do when they find out that this guy is a serial killer. Of course, some of these nerds will be his victim, because they would probably be willing to spend every dollar that they have, getting to Mars. So, those nerds, you don't have to worry about them. Right. But what about the nerds that didn't follow him, smart, I'm concerned what they will do. Some will find another nerd leader, and to obsess over, and they will you know they'll forget about him right away. But some nerds might kill themselves, right, because their nerd leader. They can't trust him anymore so they're so devastated that they just killed themselves. I'm not worried about those nerds either. I'm worried about the last third of nerds. The extreme nerds, if you will. These nerds. They might try to become copycats. The good thing about copycats though, in this case, is that they don't have his money, so they can get away with becoming a serial killer, they'll get caught right away. I think the real lesson here is don't go to Mars with a billionaire.