Sharing Economy and Serial Killers

Do it yourself instead


am i the only one that thinks the sharing economy apps are weird um these apps where you can get a ride uh get someone to bring you food and stay in someone's house um these are all things that i heard growing up to not do with strangers right my mom would always say no getting a ride from strangers um now she asked me to help her get a stranger to take her to the airport then now we have strangers that uh bring us food she always told me not to accept candy from strangers um you don't know what these people can do to the food she would say um then we get someone to pick us up from the airport and stay in their house right i wasn't allowed to go in strangers houses either um and the thing is nothing's changed right uh my mom didn't want me to be around strangers because you never know what these people do in their free time that still hasn't changed right these are still strangers um right um that guy picking you up from the airport he could have had an orgy in his back seat last week you don't know how well he cleans his car after that happens right that guy picking up your food he could have had an orgy right before he picked up your food right you don't know how well he cleans up his hands after then he's touching the bag of food and then um you you touch that same bag and it's all over your hands and then you go to eat your food hopefully you're not eating something like pizza or hamburger use a fork right um and then you always have to be mindful of serial killers right you never know who's a serial killer because the neighbors are always like uh they were totally normal and quiet like this is totally unexpected right and these apps are a serial killer stream right all they have to do is sign up and then they have access to thousands of victims and they could harm them in thousands hundreds of ways right um your driver can just drive you in the middle of nowhere and then hack you to death right um your food guy can poison you and you might not even be thinking that you've been poisoned by your food guy um the guy that you're seeing at his house you uh he can just sneak up on you right you never know i think in 10 years netflix is gonna come out with a documentary about the uh sharing app serial killer