Sharing Economy Apps are Weird

I have a problem with every type of sharing economy app and you're going to hear about it!

episode transcript


am i the only one that thinks all these new apps are weird where you can uh get a ride with someone that you can have someone bring their bring you food and you could stay at someone's house i mean these are all things that i grew up hearing not to do my mom would always say don't get a ride from strangers and now she's uh asking me to get her a car to take her to the airport um and then they have people to come bring us food and she always told me not to accept candy from strangers well mom they're bringing me food now and then they're staying you could get someone to come pick you up from the airport and you stay in their house yeah she told me not to go in strangers houses as well and there's also the other factor that you never know what goes on in these places right so when someone picks you up on a car you don't know what's happening in their car they could be having orgies on the weekends in their car and then the food that they pick up my food and then they bring it to me who knows what happens in between that time they're probably eating my goddamn food i don't know where their hands have been that's [ __ ] gross and then for the house to stay in someone's house you don't know what they do or what's happened in their house you know there could have been a bloody accident or even worse that person could be a serial killer and now you're staying in their bed alright that's all i got