Smart Devices, Dumber People

Are smart devices making people dumber? Or are they making dumb people more dumb?


our devices are getting smarter but the average person is getting dumber uh some people can't remember other people's phone numbers right because we no longer have to remember the phone number we used to have to dial it in and uh each time that we used to uh call them right but now we just scroll we go to the contact uh app and our phones and there's the name we don't need to know the number it doesn't matter right right and then no one knows how to get anywhere new anymore right we used to have to figure it out have the directions uh use a map but now we use google maps and we just put it in our phones and the app will take us there right these are just like basic things that the average person doesn't remember um it's much worse for some people right there are people dumber than the average person right uh these are people that never put their phones down uh there are some people that have a singing eye person right so that they can be on their phone 24 7 walking and giving their phone full focus we don't even yeah i don't those are the dumbest people society has to offer right um because they're never going to cheat achieve anything right you can't achieve anything by being on your phone 24 7 right um and what are they doing on their phone they're not doing anything important they're liking things on instagram they're on twitter right you can't interact with these people either they only talk about what's on their phone what they see on their phone um if they stop using their phone then they're not interesting right they don't they're not interested in interacting with you either um so what's the solution to dealing with these people i have one steal their phone they'll need something else to do they'll need to find something else to do right these people are dumb so i'm not entirely sure what they would do to be productive or even if they would be productive but it's better than looking on instagram all day uh what someone should do is create a phone rehab they would help the people without their phones readjust to society and become a productive member of society i think in some cases or in some places that would be a million dollar idea