Snapchat Filters

What's the point of them?

episode transcript


why does snapchat have filters snapchats for nudes the creators of snapchat even said that we created it to send nudes i'm not exaggerating on that point so what's the point of filters i get it for guys to like hide their ball bag because no one wants to see that but for women no guy wants to see a filter in a nude picture right um they don't want to see a flying dog tongue in a picture with women's boobs like period i'm not no just know if they're gonna create filters right they should create filters that make the pictures more clear right but uh the problem with that is enhanced pictures could lead to disappointment um when you meet up again so you might get like a really good shot of a body part and then you're disappointed when you meet up again because the picture was better than her in person so yeah that's one problem with them all right that's all i got