Social Media Spoilers

Don't tweet about Ozark the same week the new season gets released.

episode transcript


you know what i hate more than anything in the world social media spoilers i can't stand them it's like when the new season of ozarks comes out i have to avoid going on twitter because i know megan is going to tweet about it and twit a spoiler and then i'll see it and get really pissed off it's like sorry megan i have to tell jokes at night for a living i can't watch ozarks the day it comes out at midnight i have things to do get a [ __ ] life so at least twitter has a feature where you can block certain words so i do that and then the other thing i do is i just avoid it completely i um what do i do i i just take twitter and i delete the app from my phone and then i have i'm logged in on the browsers on my phone so i i log out and that's how i avoid twitter yeah okay