Computer Software Updates

What's the Deal with Them?

episode transcript


do you guys ever get up from your computer and then uh to go get a glass of water and then um your computer starts updating when you come back in the room or it's like halfway done with an update i hate that if um unless someone can see all of my data and show the world all of my data like all my search history oh jesus um i don't really care for uh my computer to be updated i just don't you know um yeah and then it tricks you it goes okay you're at 15 and then you're like all right and then it'll jump up to 30 and then the screen will change and it'll go to 20. which one is it is it 15 20 or 30. you got to tell me yeah and then um i always forget what i'm doing and then i just do nothing right so i'll be like writing uh new jokes and then after the update i'll forget about it and then i won't do anything i'll like watch tv and i think they do that on purpose i think this is microsoft's way of making it so people don't get ahead in life when they see someone's being productive they prevent them from actually accomplishing anything by updating their computer and that way they can stay on top