I need to tell you something texts

Those deathly I need to tell you something texts


Has anyone ever texted you. Anyone ever texted you, I need to tell you something. This is the worst thing that someone could text another person. It gets the person's mind racing with thoughts, especially because mostly when you text this. Here's my thought process. Does she think I'm ugly. Does she have a penis issues serial killer. Did she hit someone with her car. Right. Then, all of a sudden, after she texts this. I need to tell you something. She runs a marathon, or gets on a spaceship to Mars, because she won't text me back. Right. Apparently, 10 seconds after she sent it. There was no urgency to actually tell me what she needed to tell me. Right. This has happened to me multiple times with different women. Was there like a convention that women went to when created this or do these send these texts like, just to mess with men like they all have this secret chain, and they text each other and they say hey text them. I need to tell you something, right, or do women get these texts too from other women. Right this. This makes me think. It bothers me. So, as always, I have a solution to this problem that society has. First thing we do create an app. Right. What will this app do this app will filter every text or it'll look at it, right, and based on the text, the words in the text. It will block the message from being sent to your phone. Right. So, someone could put in. I need to tell you something to be blocked. And if that text gets sent without an explanation. Then the text doesn't get sent until there's an explanation. Right, so that way you don't have to be waiting and wondering, Is she a serial killer. Right. You'll know right away because she has to send the explanation. With the text. Right. And this can be applied to other phrases that people might find annoying. Like, we need to talk. Right. There's no more. We need to talk. It's, we need to talk about something we need to talk about the fact that I hit someone with my car, or we need to talk about the fact that I am a serial killer. Right. The app will stop people stop the world from getting unnecessary anxiety. Right. It's a Health app that improves your health.