People Standing in Line

This is a huge problem in society that needs to be addressed


Have you ever experienced this, you're in line, behind to people talking. Then, once they get to the counter, they start deciding what they want to get right. These people are the worse, they need to get shot. What are these people talk about that so important that they can't decide what to get, while they're in the line, right, that they have to decide right when they get to the front of the counter. Right. It's the equivalent of scheduling a doctor's appointment before you get sick. Can you imagine that. Okay, so why are you here. You know it's the flu season, and I thought I might get sick. The doctor would kick you out. Right. The problem is, they never get scolded right no one tells them like hey, go fuck yourself, go to the side and decide, they're not in the front, right. They don't know that their behavior is shit. That's why they keep doing it. We, as a correct society need to tell these people to stop doing it, fear of shame will help them correct their behavior. And then, when these people, these animals start to overreact. Film them. Right. The person filming will get a bunch of followers, and that person's behavior will get corrected, it's a win win for society. And then I have two more solutions, right. If the person is ordering food alone, They won't have anyone to talk to, and maybe just, like, while they're hanging out by themselves in line, they might actually look up at the fucking menu, and decide what they want to eat while they're in line, instead of doing it at the front, right. Or, yeah. So, you know, like, have them not be allowed to be in line with someone. Right. And then, another option is to have like a circle for the undecided people. And this is really up to the cashier, the people taking the orders, right, if they take too long to even like, say something. The cashier has to be like, Alright, go to the circle. Right. and then the line will move forward and be quicker. Right, so I think this is a win win, because this is a win for people ordering and for restaurants because more people will be able to order faster, and they'll be able to fill orders faster, right.