Tall Motherfuckers on Planes

They need to stop flying


Have you ever sat next to a tall motherfucker on a plane, they take up so much fucking space. The last flight I was on, I sat next to a tall motherfucker. I was in the window seat. I take the window seat, because I don't want anyone else bothering me, not even the stewardess for drink, or anything. He, he had the middle seat, he was traveling alone, and this dude just spread himself out as much as he possibly fucking could right. I got as close to the window as I possibly could, like, I moved my body so close to the window, so that this motherfucker would have as much space as possible. It still wasn't enough for him, Jesus Christ. He kept poking me in the stomach with his fuckin elbow. And of course, I didn't do anything about it. You can't do anything on planes nowadays, they'll record you, they'll put it on YouTube, and you'll get cancelled. But I kept wanting to scream at him. Do you have enough space. This is why no one wants to travel with you, you take up everyone's space. You think people like being poked in the stomach for four fucking hours. Right. It seemed like the more space I gave him, then the more he took. And then, I couldn't cough into my arm. Next to him, and then get him to back off a little bit. I had my mask on. That was my move in 2019, BC, before Corona. Right. But I would also do it for extra space. And in this case, I would have been doing it for my own personal space, Jesus Christ. Right. I wasn't even. He was just using my arm rest my my personal space not my armrest even my personal space to rest his arm, right, and it wasn't even the arm he used this phone with. Right. He was just resting his arm, like an asshole, and he was playing Candy Crush to who plays Candy Crush in 2021. Right. And I just kept waiting for him to go to the bathroom, and I kept saying to myself, I was like, as soon as this motherfucker, goes to the bathroom, I can take his space, give him a little taste of his own medicine. But he never went to the bathroom. I spent the entire flight, waiting for him to go to the bathroom just so as soon as he got up, I can just, you know, get in his personal space, right. And then at the end of the flight, I noticed something very disgusting. This motherfucker wore sandals on the plane, and he didn't clip his toenails. I shouldn't know if the person next to me on a plane has clipped toenails or not, That's fucking disgusting.