TikTok Day Traders

Making Money from Tiktok kids.

episode transcript


have you guys heard of uh these kids on tik tok showing off their risky uh stock trades i think it'd be really funny if someone um another stock trader at like a big company would like watch all of these trades and then uh do the opposite of their trades so um like if they're buying a lot of uh stock in a company at like fourteen dollars then um the guy with a lot of money should uh short the company at fourteen dollars or buy um options at 14 to reverse their trade and make them lose money i think it'd be really funny because you'd see like one video of this kid really happy and then like five minutes later he'd post a video about him crying because his trade reversed imagine that stock trader having to explain how he made that money for that trade to his boss that would just imagine that be like oh yeah i watch tik tok and i uh reverse the trades of these kids god and then the boss would be like what the fuck is tik tok right um yeah it'd be really funny if he ended up um like leading a group of people at his company to reverse trades of people on tick tock that'd be a really good lesson for the kids they'd uh learn about risky investing