Tinder Women Looking For Adventure

The type of guy for a women that's looking for adventure on Tinder


are you guys on any dating apps i'm on tinder one trend that annoys me is when women put looking for an adventure in their profile that gets an automatic no swipe from me i don't care how attractive she is sometimes i actually do want to swipe yes to these women and ask them like what do you consider an adventure to be just to see what they say right because you never know but i think it's going gonna be um i have an idea of what they're gonna say right and it's like hey megan uh going to trader joe's and picking from their million chips and picking up some coconut oil is not an adventure right the coconut dough is always the same megan it never changes and just pick one bag of chips you can try a new bag of chips that next time you go pick up some chips at trader joe's right yeah and then they're the other women i bet they think that going to a football game and getting drunk is an adventure right how original the fact that uh she has adventure in her bio tells me she's boring right you know why because 60 of the other women on tinder have the same bio right maybe they should get together and find something new to put in their bio right you know what an adventure is megan it's going on a ride-along with batman and watching him kick the [ __ ] out of the joker or you know something actually real right what's something that you can actually do that's an adventure i know uh driving around your city whatever city you live in no judgment here um and trying the different ice cream places in one day and then choosing the best one right at least you'll remember it megan you won't remember that football game that you went to and got drunk at because you do that every weekend right when you do it every weekend it doesn't really matter um how often you do it it's not an adventure but you know i've been thinking about it you know who these adventure women are for therefore the guy equivalent of an adventure women and the guy equivalent is guys that have a picture with a fish in their profile right they can go together on their adventure fishing and it's a perfect fit no one will complain uh megan will get her adventure and that guy will get his day fishing right everyone gets what they want