Tom Brady Can't Tie His Shoelaces

This guy has too much going on for him


i don't think tom brady can tie his shoelaces he is too much going for him he's successful athletic rich and good looking there's got to be something wrong with this dude tying his shoelaces is something he could easily get away with for at this point his entire life uh 40 years right like in kindergarten he had other kids uh tie his shoelaces you know they could just take it as he's a slow learner that was the excuse used then when he started playing football he had all his gear on he pretended to have trouble bending down and tying his shoelaces so then someone else would tie them maybe like the equipment manager or someone on the team not not another player but like a staff member right so then off the field he would avoid issues by wearing shoes without laces uh this is why he would wear uggs and before wearing uggs i bet he helped get vans back in style so that way it'd be very common to wear vans without laces right now he's so rich he doesn't have to bother learning you know he's just got someone nearby him to tie his shoes like there's one person in his entourage that just knows his secret that he doesn't know how to tie his shoes and every time his shoelace gets loose that person just like subtly ties his shoes for him shoelaces form right i bet his kids don't even know how to tie their shoelaces either right they uh they noticed that he doesn't know how to tie shoelaces and they were like nah we're good we'll pass on that right the bradys probably have like a specific person that they pay just to tie everyone's shoelaces right here's what you need to do start looking at his shoelaces i bet they start looking at his shoes i bet they don't have shoelaces on them right they're always like vans or something else maybe sandals um i don't believe when he tie he can tie his own shoelaces when i see a video of it right because what else could this uh could this guy's flaw be maybe he can't read that's another thing that i have i can believe right he's uh he's only ever needed to know arrows and shapes you know the boxes and the exes um on the football plays playbook right why would anyone notice that he can't read right um he gets driven around by other people too so he's never had to take a take a permit test or take a driver's test which is something that you would need to know how to read for