Twitter Trending Topics Issues

Stop the madness


Twitter is a great platform. But one thing I hate about Twitter is Twitter's trending topics. The one thing I hate about it is that you see people's reactions to news and not the actual news. I don't know how to feel about something, or trending topic because I don't actually know what's going on. When I look at trending topics. Right. When I see a name trending. I think they're dead. Right. I'm better off just googling, the topic, instead of, you know, reading through Twitter's trending topics. I get a little nervous when I see people's names like kid Cuddy, because I think they may have died right. But I'm hoping like Neff names like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk shows up. So that way, they've died. I think I have a solution for the problem. When a famous person name shows up, they could put not dead in the scription, and so that way I don't have to bother clicking right I just know they're not dead. And then they could let me customize my news sources like make it so that I only want to see news from dogs calm, or something like that. Right, and then let people pick the famous people they want to see, or to be notified that they've died. Right. So, you have not dead. And then you have. Hey, they're dead, and because you know because it's the one person that you've subscribed to their death. Right. As soon as you see, you know, no need for guessing, no need to leave Twitter and look it up. Right. And then, once they've died. Twitter can automatically remove their name from the list. Right. I already got the news I wanted I don't need anything else. Right. And then just Twitter. Does Twitter use an algorithm for the news that they show me. Right. Not only do I not see actual news, but I see news that I have no interest in like I've showed no interest in some of the news I see, like they'll show me news for country music, and I've never talked about country music I've never looked up something about country music on Twitter, people that I follow, they're not interested in country music, they don't tweet about it right. So then, why am I seeing tweets about. No, why am I seeing trending topics about country news. There's no reason I should be seeing that news. So yeah, I wonder if they use an algorithm, or it's just like the top news of the day. And that's why I'm seeing that news, I don't know.