Video Doorbells

How to use video doorbells effectively


does anyone have a video doorbell i'm wondering if they actually prevent crime my feeling is that they don't um it's a way for the owners of that video doorbell to watch people steal their stuff because the camera is easy to avoid you wear a hoodie you look down you'll never be seen the owner of the house can identify you to the cops period right um the voice feature allows the owner of the house to yell while someone is uh stealing their stuff hey hey get back here right it's the voice feature can't really do anything but that it would be better to get a tall gate right it's more effective because they'd have to climb over it um and it's one payment i think with the video doorbells you do multiple payments one is better than many in terms of payments um there are some things you have to figure out first like you're going to need to find a guy to install the gate then make sure it fits if that all works out then you have to get it installed um and everything might not work out so i thought of a better solution um keep the video doorbell then get a tiger and put a tiger in a cage and put that cage on the lawn right then get a remote to open and close the cage odds are people will stop looking at your house to steal your stuff if you see a stranger trying to steal your stuff then release the tiger they'll go away soon and then um yeah then you'll stop having a stranger problem there are some issues with this idea though unfortunately um some people might have trouble getting a tiger so here's the solution for that you can always substitute the tiger it doesn't have to be a tiger it could be a lion it could be a cheetah it could be a cougar any one of those will work right unfortunately though yeah it's more work to maintain the tiger now you have to feed the tiger you have to make sure it gets water um you have to make sure it has a lot of room in that cage to uh you know go around and get that exercise because if your tiger you know doesn't work out then it's kind of pointless to have the tire because um if your tiger isn't worked out then when it attacks the person the person might be able to um fight back and that's what you don't want right but then there's also the problem that once you release the tiger to attack that person if the person doesn't run away then no if the person runs away and the tiger goes to chase after it you might lose your tiger then you have to find another tiger and that may have been a struggle for you already then you have to go through that again