Wall Street Guys Kill for Money

Anything to make the market go up


All these movies about Wall Street, make me think that some of these guys can definitely be a serial killer. Why would someone on Wall Street. Be a serial killer money of course. These guys make massive, massive amounts of money being the serial killer is one way to continue making money. Here's how I imagine it. Let's say one of these guys, that's on a company to lose money. Well, maybe he kills people that make the product. Today, slow down their production and force them to lose money. That way he is guaranteed to make money. When the earnings of the company are reported lower than expected. She has even more incentive because on top of the money he made on the sale. His company might give him a bonus. Right. And he's made even more of a killing on that trade. And then guys like that. They don't do the dirty work themselves. They have a guy for things like that. Either way, if they hire someone else. If they hire someone else, it's a business expense. They can write it off. Hiring someone else also gives them more deniability. They didn't kill anyone themselves. They'll have an alibi. It makes them look less guilty. Even if they get caught though money buys power, and that will help them stay out of jail. So, How do you catch a Wall Street serial killer. First, you look at all the trades he's making. Then you check all the companies that he's invested in for workplace accidents. If something happened in one of those companies at one of those companies that made the stock price move. Bring that guy in for questioning.