The Washington Football Should be the Washington Rednecks

Save money without offending important people.

episode transcript


the washington football team doesn't have an actual name yet um i have a good name for the team they should change their name to the washington rednecks and here's why first of all in terms of letters they have all the redskins letters and they only need to change two to uh make up for or to make up for the name um right because there's red there's um s there's k i think it's just c and maybe the s that they need to oh the e for the eye so that's only two letters they need to change they can keep the same colors right red and they won't be in offending anyone who's actually important right and then at the same time that represents the uh the people that watch football so they're they're targeting their demographic right and of course that culture in the washington football team organization they're rednecks so they're representing their culture within the team right so yeah the washington rednecks